Universities deserve 21st Century solutions

Ready to move beyond using spreadsheets, email and outdated technology to manage your curriculum? With CourseLoop you can streamline your processes, create new offerings sooner and help students to plan their future with confidence.


Focus on the student experience

In the past, IT platforms were designed to record information, not engage with students. Times have changed – and nobody can afford to overlook the student experience. We work with you to create a positive student experience which can be personalised for even more relevance and reach.


Create change sooner

Traditional governance processes can be cumbersome and time-consuming. CourseLoop provides easy access to information, management control, automated workflows and a customised governance model to help you save time and achieve the outcome you need.


Save time and effort

While custom-built applications can be built to address the shortcomings of an outdated system, you don’t want a fragmented system which becomes hard to use. We offer fully-managed IT solutions, automated workflows and simplified processes to help you manage curriculum in the most effective way.

CourseLoop is designed to work the way you do

Behind the success of our CourseLoop application is our deep understanding and expertise in curriculum management – and our relationship with our clients. We partner with universities and evolve our applications to build robust solutions, drive your core business benefits and create the best possible user experience.

“Our new student Handbook makes our programs much easier to navigate and understand for students, improving their experience and engagement with the curriculum.”

Sarah Thomson, Assistant Director, Student Services and Systems,


“Implementing CourseLoop has given us confidence in the integrity of our data and our processes. We can work faster and more effectively and now have the foundations in place for the next stages of development.”

Dominic Riordan, Director, Academic Quality and Standards,

University of Wollongong

Today’s solution for tomorrow’s curriculum


Take the lead

Higher education is increasingly competitive and new courses often take a lot of time to design and approve. Our easy-to-use system streamlines the way you manage curriculum design, approvals and publishing, so you can launch new courses sooner.


Easy collaboration

Our solutions are designed for collaboration to give you and your team the information and support you need throughout the entire process.


Avoid confusion and duplication

Data integrity is everything. We create your definitive source of truth to integrate with your student management, content management and learning management systems.


Streamline governance processes

Compliance and governance are essential but cumbersome processes. Our solutions include guided workflow and approval processes, curriculum committee support and outcomes management to keep everything moving forward smoothly.


Gain actionable insight

Use powerful curriculum mapping to strengthen your curriculum design and help students make informed decisions about their future.

Deliver a first-class student experience


Make decisions with confidence

With curriculum content tailored to what a student needs, CourseLoop can create a great student experience and help them make study choices that are right for them.


Cut through the clutter

Most students want a flexible curriculum – but too much choice can get too complicated. CourseLoop presents information in a clear and structured format, with visual aids to help students understand their pathways and options.


Prepare for tomorrow

Today’s courses are more flexible and adaptable than ever – and it can be challenging for student advisors to help students navigate their many options. CourseLoop supports the student/advisor relationship by making it easy to create a personalised study plan.


Be ready to engage

Today’s students are ready to engage at any time and place, so we design and build your interface to be fully responsive on a range of mobile, tablet, desktop devices and platforms.

Take the first step today

Changing the way you manage your curriculum starts with a conversation. Download our white paper to learn more – or get in touch to discuss your needs.